The brewery-plant was manufactured by KASPAR SCHULZ of Bamberg, Franconia. A Kaspar Schulz brewhouse could be compared to a Lamborghini or a Ferrari; it just brews wonderfully! Kaspar Schulz celebrated in 2013 its 333 year anniversary: our was their very first plant in Italy and still to the present day works perfectly. Made in 1999, it was studied in details: high engineering – it was conceived to be their showcase for the nascent market of Italian microbreweries. Our fermentation and maturation tanks come from the same manufacture: there the geometry of tanks and the high-level finishings are essential for the creation of stable beers both from an organoleptic and a microbiological point of view as well. Of the same tip-top quality level are our raw materials and recipes. Besides, our brewing techniques and sound quality control system afford us to create flavorful beers with all the biochemical characteristics and chemical-physical properties necessary to match the highest standards.


Each of our beer has the blessing to be brewed according to the process-techniques which have been over the years selected as the best in the native country of its brew-style. A great passion and the long experience abroad – Germany and England – of our Brew Master allow us to follow authentic production methods, each peculiar to a specific beer. German-style beers, our Hell, Luppululà, Cucunera, Weizen and Cinghios, are all brewed with decoction-mash to distinguish them from their Belgian and American counterparts brewed with infusion-mash. Our Save the Queen, an ordinary bitter, is strictly brewed with a thick one-step mash. Of course, different are the carbonation processes used for our beers, but all of them are absolutely natural: German-style beers are carbonated at the end of fermentation or with Krausen in the maturation tank; our Belgian-style La Rocca and Rebuffone are refermented in the bottle with priming sugar; our Weizen and Cinghios are refermented in tank with speise. Some beers are brewed using 100% leaf hops, others use a mixture of leaf and pellets hops; Our American-style Hop and Roll and Interstellar Overdrive are dry-hopped. Thankfully, in the brewery we don’t filter and we don’t pasteurize: our beers are alive, always in evolution. Cheers.